How it started

A few potential beekeepers in Cambuslang were finding it difficult to get started in beekeeping, having no suitable location. Thankfully the Cambuslang Fire Station offered us a secure site for our community hives when our first location suffered vandalism. The honey bees thrive here due to the wild flowers along the banks of the river Clyde.


Opportunities are given to get close to the bees to see what goes on inside a hive. All equipment (bee suit and veil) is provided with experienced beekeepers at hand. This will allow you to decide if beekeeping is the hobby for you; or perhaps you are just curious and want to find out what beekeeping is like.


The Cambuslang Apiary Project has hives at Cambuslang and Shotts.  Beekeeping is done on evenings and weekends subject to the weather of course, honey bees don’t come out when it is raining. Occasionally unplanned visits are necessary as sometimes the bees like to catch you out and do something unexpected !


Most of our members now successfully keep bees as individuals ranging from 1 hive to 14. This is a very challenging and enjoyable hobby and helps the honey bees at a time when they are struggling with reduced habitat and an increase in pests and disease. If you would like to be involved, you will find a very friendly and enthusiastic welcome from us all.